Are you happy with...

  • Food Prices?
  • Gas Prices?
  • Energy Prices?
  • Rampant Crime and Lawlessness?
  • Government Controlled Mandates?
  • The Border Crisis?
  • Censorship?
  • Unequal Justice?
  • False Narratives?
  • The Upsurge of Racial Division?
  • And so much more...?

I'm not! That's why I'm running for US Senate.

Someone needs to stand up and say enough is enough! Will you stand with me? We need to do this together.

My Commitment

To serve the people with integrity, diligence, and compassion. To work tirelessly towards promoting the common good, protecting individual rights, freedoms and national sovereignty, ensuring social and economic justice, safeguarding the environment, fostering international cooperation, and upholding the US Constitution and the rule of law.

As Senator, I will strive to represent the interests and aspirations of my constituents, to listen to opposing viewpoints, to solve major issues, to seek common ground and build consensus, and to exercise leadership and responsibility with humility and accountability. I will also be open-minded, well-informed, and willing to learn and adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining a strong sense of ethical principles and moral values.


My Story

I am a Constitutional Independent

  • Navy Veteran
  • Former Adjunct Professor
  • Problem solver
  • Telecommunication/Network Engineer


If you would like to stand up with me, your donation would be appreciated. I need your partnership to help fight these issues. Click Here (or scan the qr code):


My Concern


The Constitution of the United States of America provides the means for Freedom, Liberty and Justice for ALL Americans. I feel that our basic Freedoms have been under attack and it is important that we stand up and speak up to help solidify, clarify, and maintain these fundamental rights.

Freedom isn't Free! The sacrifices made by those who have gone before us are unquestionably monumental and inspirational. We must honor them by upholding our pledge to continue the fight - so that our children and grandchildren are afforded opportunities to thrive in this great nation. 

 More to come...